"This is the real thing! You made it so easy! - what a lifesaver. Thanks Pete."
Ron Watson






Our Treb Builders Say It Best...

"On behalf of everyone here in the Ag Club, I wanted to thank you for all of the questions you answered and the plans. We're hoping to use the trebuchet for quite a few years to come."   - Zack Wingate, IVC Ag Club

"I just purchased your trebuchet plans and am rather impressed with the simplistic functionality of it... Thank you again for your hard work and research to make these plans
."   - Martin Wolfe

"I recently bought your plans and have begun planning out the construction. They are excellent by the way
."   - William Vanbuskirk

"I recently downloaded your trebuchet plans for my daughter’s 8th grade science project with her friends. Our county is sponsoring a “pumpkin fling” tournament and the team is entering the Junior High School category. The plans are great and I appreciate that you made them so straightforward."   - Nelson Abrams

"I look forward to using these plans...they are great!"   - Tom VandenBerg

They patterned their trebuchet after the original siege engines, but built it with modern materials and techniques. It's an ingenious design."   - Homer Stickle, Master CarpenterM


"We're going to build and play with this piece with our Freshman Engineering 1A class here at CSU Sacramento. They've already built and tested small desktop versions and this one will be the culmination of their semester studies. We're having fun!"   - Jim Ster

"Thank you so much! Jackson’s going to have an interesting Valentine’s Day!"   - Kim Jackson

"Our group is really enjoying the build process so far. We appreciate all the effort that went into your developing your design. Until I ran across your website, I wasn't sure a trebuchet project on this scale was even feasible! Thanks again."   - Brian Trotter


"Pete: We're having a blast working on your trebuchet plans. We've already made all the major components and are ready to assemble them.
Thanks for all your help and I’ll send photos when we’re done. In a couple weeks we'll be pumpkin chunkin' with our Cub Scouts and looking forward to it."   - Robert McLemore


"Thanks for all your help. Your knowledge is impressive. I appreciate the time you took and your experience saved me a lot of time.."   - Benjamin Roarsh

"I am currently deployed overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are having a Trebuchet contest, and the Navy has been challenged by the Army, this is an annual event for the Army and they have great experience. I saw your pics and some info online. So I am writing to find out if you have more info available and would be willing to share it with the US Navy. Any help would be greatly appreciated."   - S. Wyatt Twilleager